Things in this country are pretty messed up right now, aren’t they? Gun control, Russian collusion, illegal immigration and endless political scandals. No one can agree on anything and everyone is so mad about everything.

But my buddy Rob and I are tired of focusing on all the things that are tearing this country apart. So, we decided Kid Rock’s 8th annual Chillin’ the Most cruise was the perfect place for us to get outside of our liberal bubble and take a little vacation.

In a time when Kid Rock was teasing a potential Senate run, we armed ourselves with our greatest talents; binge drinking, eating fatty foods and loving live music to go face to face with the people we’re told are our enemies: Trump supporters. But nothing went as planned.

This film is about taking a chance, learning how to disagree without hating one another, and the reminder that we’re not as divided as we’re made to believe we are. As our captain Kid Rock said, “Nobody on this cruise has a problem with anybody. We love each other and we are what forms America, right here.”