I really  love Huey Lewis and the News. Last summer, while out doing karaoke (and singing Huey of course) I started thinking how great it would be to visit all the cities listed in the song. Why those places? What connected them to Huey Lewis? What rock & roll magic could be found in those disparate places?

So I set out on a journey to make a music video where I’d travel to all 14 cities listed in the song, not only as a tribute to Huey Lewis but to prove that the heart of rock & roll is indeed still alive and beating. And after completing my journey, I can tell you first hand that Huey Lewis’ message still rings true, 31 years after the song’s release.

This video is a tribute to the music of Huey Lewis & The News, the spirit of travel and adventure and to the amazing people, communities and parts of the country that the song sent me. Because after all, “They say the heart of rock & roll’s still beating and from what I’ve seen I believe them.”